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First State Firearms and Accessories has a wide selection of shooting supplements, from gun cases and targets to ammo and cleaning supplies.

Gun Safes: We sell small, medium, and large gun safes. Purchasing a safe is an excellent safety and security investment for you and your family. Our products will protect your firearms from fire, natural disasters, curious kids, and theft.

Gun Cases: When you’re on the go, our selection of durable, protective gun cases allows you to store and transport your firearms quickly and safely.

Personal Defense Items: If you’re interested in non-lethal methods of protection, browse our assortment of mace, pepper spray, and even bear spray products!

Cleaning Equipment: Any contaminants, such as old lubricants, lead shavings, or powder residue, can degrade the performance and value of a firearm. Our gun cleaning supplies will keep your firearms in tiptop condition. We also offer a gun cleaning service at a reasonable price.

Optics: We have a variety of scopes and rangefinders to help any shooter with their accuracy and efficiency. We also offer FREE scope installation if both your firearm and scope are purchased at our store.

Be sure to stop in and check out our other accessory items, such as knives, reloading supplies, and more!

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First State Firearms and Accessories


178 S. DuPont Hwy, New Castle, Delaware, 19720

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